HELLO EVERYONE Hope you are enjoying really awesome, though increasingly warm, weather in Arizona. Many of you, as well as myself, are probably getting ready to start going to the beaches, lakes, or local pools. Maybe you have family vacations coming soon. Bottom line, we are all preparing for something as we move into summer. […]

THERE’S NO TIME LIKE TODAY TO PRAY This month we have a challenge for you: a challenge of prayer. From the time you see this post through the end of March, we challenge you to commit to praying for the missions efforts we support every day. There are so many things that the evil one […]

HELLO EVERYONE Welcome to our Missions Blog here at Red Mountain Community Church. You may be wondering why we started a blog. The short answer is: we want to “make missions a reality” here at Red Mountain. When we say this, we are communicating two things: put missions, both globally and locally, before all of […]