We are supporting a family that is doing medical ministry work in a location that is not favorable to Christianity. For their safety, we cannot disclose their personal information. They lead a unique clinic in which they not only treat patients but also train other doctors in medicine and disciple them in their faith. Doctors see patients and learn to practice medicine as Christian doctors, praying for their patients and addressing deeper heart issues. This family is also involved in a house church led by local believers. They have a strong desire to be “salt and light,” to meet people in their country, be their friends, and share their lives and faith with them. They have asked for continued prayer for safety, encouragement, strength and discernment as they navigate sharing the light of Jesus in a time of great instability for their nation. If you’d like, you can submit an encouraging note or prayer for them below and we’ll mail it to them. It truly warms their hearts to know that we are keeping them in our prayers.

Send this family a note at [email protected].