Student Ministry

The mission of Red Mountain Community Church is that we are to live as committed followers of Christ, as a worshiping, transforming and sending church. The Student Ministry team at Red Mountain shares this same vision. We are made up of students and leaders who are learning what it means to be formed in the ways of Jesus. We seek to be disciples by practicing intentional relationships in every area of life, through the teaching and exercise of God’s Word, and the serving of others. We look to Jesus of Nazareth because we both believe and have experience that flourishing life is found in Him alone.

Every time we gather, we seek to ask the following four questions. These questions and their answers are the lens through which we see everything.

Who Is God?
As we read His Story we see that He is: Father, creator, holy, powerful, pre-existent, redeemer, gracious, giver, all-knowing, good, revealer, shepherd, mighty, loving, wise, peace, provider, protector……

What Has He Done?
As we read His Story we see that He has: Created, saved us, redeemed us, made us alive, made us citizens, given an inheritance, raised Jesus from the dead, adopted us, given us the holy spirit, equipped us, brought us near, blessed us, forgave us, loved us......

How Does He View Us?
As we read His Story we know that we are: Adopted sons & daughters, redeemed, heirs, called, blameless, enlightened, forgiven, chosen, united, saints, his work of art, reconciled, imitators……

How Are We To Live?
As we read His Story we are invited to live: By faith, as co-laborers, as missionaries, as love, people of hope, worthy, grateful, unified, people of blessing, speak the truth, as imitators, family, expectant, worshippers……


Junior High (7 & 8 grade) - meets Sunday mornings at 9:00 AM in G5 and Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM in the gym.  

High School (9 - 12 grade) - meets Sunday mornings at 10:30 AM in the gym and Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM, in the same location.  

Young Adults (ages 18-28) - meets Sunday evenings at 7:15 PM in G11.