Current Series


A seven-week series covering Genesis 1-15. The beginning of the Bible covers some important fundamentals that we need to revisit often. It answers questions like who is God? Who am I? What’s the purpose of life? Why are things so messed up? And many more. The beginning of the story points to the end of the story, which is Christ. As we read the story and make observations, we will see that God is good and gracious, always. Will it not be good and gracious to you?


  • June 25: Genesis 1:1-2:25
    God created the world perfectly. He is the powerful, good creator with a powerful, good plan.

  • July 2: Genesis 1:1-2:25
    Humans are created in the image of God, which describes our essence and design. Who we are created to be has a significant impact on how we live. God puts a people in a place for a purpose. How great it is that we get to participate in God’s good work! He puts us on the front lines.

  • July 9: Genesis 3:1-24
    Humanity falls and the curse comes. From this act of rebellion, sin enters the world. Humans are full of insecurity and pride, while God remains gracious, good, and generous.

  • July 16: Genesis 4:1-26
    With each generation, humanity strays further away from God, and the world subsequently deteriorates. Yet, God graciously acts and moves in the midst of human rebellion.
  • July 23: Genesis 6:9-9:28
    God gives the world a fresh start, but the same deterioration ensues. Man as it exists, is now hopelessly lost. They are unable to find their way back to their original relationship with God. Yet, God continues to make promises and blessing and partnership. But the question remains, how is God going to mend this broken world?

  • July 30: Genesis 11:1-12:20
    In a final demonstration of rebellion, mankind seeks to build a tower to make a name for themselves. This striving for self-worship leads only to confusion and further pain. God begins a new plan for the restoration and redemption of humanity: a chosen family. God puts a people in a place for a purpose.

  • August 6: Genesis 15:1-21
    God enters into a relationship with this chosen family that is based upon his character. Humans enter into the relationship through faith.

A four week series on generosity. The series focuses on the life of generosity to which Jesus calls his followers. Generosity goes against: independence, personal kingdoms, difficult circumstances, self-glory, compulsion, and spontaneity. Instead it is for: grace, interdependence/unity, a concern for others, thanksgiving to God, cheerfulness, and routine.


Jesus taught His disciples how to remember His broken body and shed blood in the Communion ordinance. Communion is a symbolic display of celebrating what Jesus did on the cross and what He is doing in our lives today.

As often as we remember Jesus, we should celebrate Jesus.


Today: toward new life

Today: toward new life is the third installment in a three-series study of 2 Corinthians 1-7:1. This series continues our journey and begins off where "Weary?" left off in chapter five. It will focus on what being a Christian looks like in the present as we live out are lives and as we await Jesus’ return.

Poured Out For You

The greatest and most urgent challenge for all humans is to trust in what we do not even see, God. We can get stuck in unbelief or worse a “safe” user-friendly belief, but we need to remember that he poured out for all who believe. A Palm Sunday and Easter message.


Weary? toward being refreshed

"Weary? toward being refreshed" is the second installment in a three-series study of 2 Corinthians 1-7:1. At this point in 2 Corinthians 4:1, the text begins to stress the weariness and discouragement that we must successfully deal with. It becomes very practical in terms of weathering such seasons.

Unveiled: toward transparency

This series is the first installment of a study of 2 Corinthians 1-7:1 that will help you understand life under the New Covenant and in the Spirit. This section of Scripture provides the theological underpinnings that our philosophy of ministry is based on at Red Mountain.


"He is the radiance of the glory of God...." — Hebrews 1:3

Goads and Nails

Goads and Nails is centered around the book of Luke. There are a number of occasions when Jesus utters something extremely profound with very few words throughout Luke's Gospel account. These are proverbial sayings that provide valuable wisdom. Each week we will identify one of these proverbial sayings spoken by Jesus and we will describe how it will transform us.

WE—The King & His Kingdom

Our current series, “WE, The King and His Kingdom," is a six-week study in the book of Luke.  As in the past, our fall series is an all-church devotional that involves journaling together as a church on a regular basis. Our devotional this fall will guide us through the Gospel according to Luke. Together, we will spend six weeks studying Luke together as a church on Sundays, as well as throughout the week in our devotional journals.


This series entitled, GOD, will teach a practical theology of God. The message will be that He is and does things in a certain way, and does them through us a certain way. We don’t want to lose sight of who God is, because in the end all His power is aimed at making us like Him. “God” will speak to your brain and into your day-to-day life, because who you’ll become is rooted solidly in who He is. What you’ll experience along the way is too.

Walking in the Spirit

The filling of the Spirit is when the Holy Spirit more directly displays his presence and his power in his people. When you believe in Jesus, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell in you and is always with you. There are times though, special times when the Spirit fills you with empowering for a particular moment.

Walk: Taking Steps in Faith

The life we’re called to is a learned life. The tone of the series will be instructional just like Paul’s is as he passes along the applications of the truth he presented in the first part of the book. The emphasis is on how we approach things differently—with the truth in hand so as to “walk worthy of Christ,” or in a way that gives credibility to the gospel. Join us in this study. We have many resources that you can use, which will help you go deeper into God's word.