Red Mountain Classes

If you're looking for more than just donuts, coffee and a sermon on Sunday mornings we offer several classes that will help you dig deeper. We offer both bible tracks which change frequently and offer a wide range of topics as well as fundamental classes that remain the same from semester to semester and address topics we feel are essential for every believer to be equipped in.


One of the unique things we offer here at Red Mountain are Sunday Morning Bible Tracks. These Bible Tracks are a great way to dig deeper into scripture on Sunday mornings. Bible Tracks are medium sized groups, making them a great way to make acquaintances and deepen friendships.

Heritage Class - Prayer

Led by Dave Slick | Meets in G8 at 9:00 AM
January 8 - May 28

Is it possible that our prayers revolve around a familiar and mostly-unchanging pattern? Have we positioned God as the recipient of our wish lists, or can a conversation occur? Are we honest with God when we pray? Can we hear what God is saying to us, and if so how? During the fall and spring sessions, the Heritage Class will be exploring these and other dimensions of prayer.  


Led by Richard Weisenberg | Meets in P1 at 10:30 AM
January 15- February 12

Economic recession. Political upheaval. Social injustice. Military conflict. The world is full of forces and powers that seem beyond anyone’s control. Even the most powerful people in the world are powerless against them. Paul tells us, however, that there is one who has defeated these powers. Jesus Christ, through his death on the cross, has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to his kingdom. In this class we will learn about the one who brought us this victory and what this victory means for us today in our day to day lives.

Deliver Us From Evil 

Led by Richard Weisenberg | Meets in P1 at 10:30 AM
March 5 - April 9

When you watch the news and see what is happen in the world it can be easy to become discouraged or perplexed. If tragedy should strike closer to home, it can be immeasurably more difficult to understand. What is God doing? Why does He allow so much evil and suffering to exist? Why am I going through this trying time? These are difficult questions that deserve thoughtful and compassionate answers. In this class we will look at what the Bible says about evil in the world, about our adversary (the evil one) and about our own brokenness, while asking the questions: where is God in all of it? and what should be our response?


These classes address topics we feel are fundamental and essential for every believer to be equipped in. These classes are generally offered once each semester. You can follow our track from the beginning or jump in wherever is best for you.

Membership Class

Led by Bob and Kyle Fox | Meets in G5 at 9:00 AM
January 15 - January 29

Red Mountain's Membership class is the first step in getting connected to our church. The class discusses our various beliefs and how to get connected into the community life at Red Mountain. The final stage includes you becoming a member after an Elder interview and congregational approval. 

Hearing God From His Word

Led by Preston Hancock | Meets in G5 at 9:00 AM
February 12 - March 5

Whether we are "readers" or not, God wants to speak to us through His Word, the Bible, and that is what this class is for! We will be looking at specific passages together, taking time to practice very simple, fundamental skills in reading God's Word. Our goal is that you will grow in your life-long journey of developing a personal relationship with God.

Make Disciples Class

Led by Kyle Fox | Meets in P1 at 9:00 AM
March 12 - March 19

Jesus' command right before he left the earth was to "Go and make disciples of all nations," and in those words he gave us a mission statement. This two-week class will equip you in the basics of accomplishing the mission of making disciples.

Getting To Know The Holy Spirit

Led by Dave Lindstrom | Meets in P1 at 9:00 AM
March 26 - May 7

The Bible has revealed the great God of the universe to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Many believers have an understanding about God as their Father and Jesus the Son as their Savior, but are confused about the Holy Spirit. This class will bring out both Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures to give details on both the person and work of God's Spirit in the past, today, and into the future.

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