Red Mountain Classes

If you're looking for more than just donuts, coffee and a sermon on Sunday mornings we offer several classes that will help you dig deeper. We offer both bible tracks which change frequently and offer a wide range of topics as well as fundamental classes that remain the same from semester to semester and address topics we feel are essential for every believer to be equipped in.


One of the unique things we offer here at Red Mountain are Sunday Morning Bible Tracks. These Bible Tracks are a great way to dig deeper into scripture on Sunday mornings. Bible Tracks are medium sized groups, making them a great way to make acquaintances and deepen friendships.


Led by Alan Garcia | Meets in P1 at 9:00 AM
May 21-July 23

Join us for this 10-week class, where we will journey through the book of Exodus. Exodus is a book that recounts Yahweh's deliverance of Israel from slavery in Egypt to covenant relationship at Mount Sinai. We will see how Yahweh acted powerfully and faithfully in the midst of His people despite their persecution, hardship and faithlessness. We will also see how the spiritual paradigms in Exodus are foundational for several texts in the rest of scripture. Exodus is a book that can dramatically impact your understanding of Yahweh and His heart.