Gain an introductory understanding of the spiritual realm and how as Christians, we can engage spiritual battle. This topic regarding “spiritual things” and “spiritual warfare” has a high level of interest, but also of confusion and misunderstanding. Dr Tom & Katy Sappington share about engaging personal spiritual warfare, developing daily practices, prayer and more.

Dr Sappington was involved in pastoral ministry for nine years before being called to ministry in the predominantly Muslim country of Indonesia where he and his wife served for 15 years in Central Java. During his years in Indonesia, he taught various courses in New Testament, Spiritual Conflict and Pastoral Ministry at six branches of the Evangelical Theological Seminary of Indonesia. In addition he founded “Ambassadors of Renewal,” a ministry that brings renewal, healing and deliverance to pastors and other church leaders in Indonesia, and trains them to use these ministries in the context of their local church. In his teaching at Biola and Talbot, he combines a strong background in biblical and theological studies and pastoral ministry with his years of cross-cultural experience. He has written four books and enjoys sharing his passion for missions with students in any part of the world.