The authorship is accepted by conservative scholars to be the statesman, prophet and namesake of the book, Daniel. Daniel was taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar in 605-604 BC (Daniel 1:1). His last written vision was during the third year of King Cyrus of Persia in 535 BC. The book, therefore, spans about 70 years. Daniel probably compiled and completed this book during his retirement between 532-530 BC when he was around 90 years of age.

Purposes for writing Daniel:

  1. Yahweh is faithful, loving, encouraging and protective of His disobedient people in their Babylonian exile (especially chapters 3,6,9,12).
  2. Yahweh is in control of the events of this world (Sovereign) while holding His human creation responsible for their God-given freedoms (especially chapters 2,4,5,7-12).
  3. Yahweh’s redemption program is for Israel’s message to bring His light to all people and nations (especially chapters 2-7,9,12).
  4. Yahweh will certainly bring His King, the Son of Man (Jesus), into this world and eventually will set Him up as His only ruler for all time in Jerusalem (especially Daniel 2:44,45; 3:25; 4:34,35; 5:23; 6:26,27; chapter 7; 8:25; chapter 9).
  5. Yahweh rules over the trials of this world as well as physical death and has promised resurrection during the rulership of His King (especially chapters 1,3,6,12).