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Welcoming Dave and Christina Emigh

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

Hello Church Family:

If you were in service this morning, you may have heard us announce that we will be welcoming the Emigh family to Red Mountain next month. After a long and thoughtful process, we feel the Spirit has lead Dave Emigh to be the next Marriage and Family Pastor here in our Church.

Dave and his wife, Cristina, have had some dark times in their pasts, as we all have. When Dave was younger he chose to have some drinks at a party and then later got behind the wheel of a car. He blacked out and ended up causing an accident that took the lives of three people.

We, and the Emigh's, wanted to share this with you because we value transparency and honesty. From the start, the Emigh's have been very open and honest about their pasts. We have every confidence in the work the Holy Spirit has done in them, and have no reservations about their ability to minister in a powerful way. In fact, we are very excited to see how the Spirit will use them in the life of Red Mountain!

Please watch the video below to get a better sense of who the Emighs are! In addition, you can read Dave's testimony at the bottom of this page. 




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