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Welcoming Becky

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

Our search for a new Children's Ministry Pastor was not an easy one – and as we began going through our usual candidate searching process we quickly learned that this position has become one of the hardest to fill when it comes to ministry.

While the search was difficult, we were committed to continuing but knew that in this time of limbo, we needed to provide our Children's Ministry team with someone who could support them in the meantime. With VBS just around the corner, the team needed someone to rally the troops, support and encourage them.

Enter Becky Bibelheimer – she had served as a Children's Pastor in California for several years, lead countless VBS weeks there and was the perfect person to step in and support our team in the interim. In our heads, we thought Becky was the perfect fit to see us through this in-between phase, but little did we know that God had already placed our new Children's Ministry pastor right in front of our faces, we just hadn't realized it yet.

We watched Becky mesh extremely well with our existing Children's ministry team members, lead the team in planning and executing an extremely successful VBS, and got to see the immense passion she has for children, parents and volunteers. In the midst of this season, it became clear to us one day what God had placed right in front of us and it didn't take long for us to know who our next Children's Pastor would be.

We are extremely excited to introduce Becky Bibelheimer as our new Children's Pastor and know that she will serve the children, parents and volunteers at Red Mountain well.

Throughout this entire process, it was clear to Becky that God was at work. When she came on to help in the interim – it was to do just that and she knew that Red Mountain was looking elsewhere for a Children's Pastor. However, it very quickly became clear to Becky that this was Spirit-lead as well and she knew she needed to follow what God was leading her to.

"This [being children's pastor] is the thing that brings me the most joy said Becky. "It is the thing that brings me the most life. I am passionate about kids knowing who God is and I am passionate about partnering with parents so that they can instruct their kids in the ways of the Lord."

In this next season of ministry, Becky is looking forward to really linking arms with our Children's Ministry volunteers to provide them with support and to help them own and know why we minister to kids. Right now Becky and the Children's team are excited and expectant to see how God will expand and deepen our programs so that we can continue bringing kids to know who God is and to really love the Bible.

After a good foundation is set, the team is excited about opening up the doors to focusing on special needs within Children's Ministry. Becky is passionate that these children and parents know that God sees them and wants to this ministry to be one that includes and emphasizes special needs.

Becky has six years of experience as the Director of Children's Ministry at a church in Los Angeles and 21 years of experience as a teacher. Her heart for seeing children know the Lord through whatever means possible is apparent and we know that she will pour herself out for this mission every day during her time here.

Welcome, Becky! We are lucky to have you.


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