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Welcome Home Gibsons

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

Many of you may know Matt Gibson. In his previous time on staff at Red Mountain Community Church, he was known by a number of his strengths: as a worship leader, a friend, a mentor or perhaps just by his bright, bearded smile. Well, now it’s our turn to smile as we welcome Matt back on staff in his new role as Pastor of Student Ministries and Young Adults.

Matt led worship faithfully at Red Mountain for 6 years. While music and worship has always been a passion of Matt’s, during his time on staff at Red Mountain he had an increasing desire to disciple young adults. Even in his role as Pastor of Worship Arts, Matt spent many hours mentoring, discipling and living life with young adults and interns on staff as they grew into men themselves.

"During his time on staff at Red Mountain he had an increasing desire to disciple young adults."

At the end of 2012 Matt and his wife, Adrienne, felt called to the opportunity to be involved in a church plant in Portland, Oregon. It was decided that in partnership with another family, they would follow that call and help plant a church there. When that opportunity to plant a church in Portland fell apart and the church plant was no longer going to take place, the Gibsons still felt called to the unknown in Portland. And so with no job lined up, and no details in place they followed God’s call and simply went.

While in Portland, Matt and his family were constantly looking and listening for the clarity of a "next step” indicating what ministry and life for their family would look like in Oregon. Matt entered into a role as Community Life Pastor at a church where he spent time overseeing community groups, discipling young couples, working with local and global missions as well as serving on the teaching team. In a season of difficulty, Matt and Adrienne were praying for answers, as they felt that Portland was not the place to plant a church or to raise their children: Ryland, London and Anneliese. When Kyle Fox called Matt about the Student Ministries position, the Gibsons felt the freedom to return home to Mesa and to Red Mountain.

In his new role, Matt will be leading the College/Young Adult group at Red Mountain. In addition he will oversee all of Student Ministries: mentoring and discipling our Junior High and High School Pastors, working with student ministries volunteers and partnering with parents of students. Matt is excited to be back at Red Mountain in his new role and to have the opportunity to disciple young men and women.

Matt understands the difficulties that the junior high, high school and college years throw at young adults. As time moves on, he is looking forward to creating a safe place where students can come to ask the tough questions and learn to walk with God. He is excited to be doing ministry with Bob, a main mentor in his life, and Kyle, a friend who he has desired to work alongside for some time.

To the Gibsons sunny Mesa, Arizona is home. It is a place they feel that they can do ministry well and watch their children grow. So now all we have left to say is welcome home Matt, welcome home Adrienne and welcome home Gibsons!


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