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Top Ten Places to Find Loose Change

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

A few weeks ago we began our annual YoungLives Baby Bottle Drive. The drive consists of picking up an empty baby bottle, filling it with loose change and returning it to help send teen moms to YoungLives Camp. Red Mountain is a proud missions partner of YoungLives, an organization that focuses on life-on-life mentoring for teen moms.

In a world where everything is paid for with the swipe of a card or even with a fingerprint, we know finding loose change can be hard. We've compiled a list of the top ten places to find loose change to aid you in filling your baby bottles. So, without further adieu, here are the top ten places to find loose change:

We're starting off simple here people, reach into your pockets and see how many coins you can find. In addition, be sure to check all of the pockets in the laundry pile. Finders, keepers - right?

Many people keep a good amount of change in their car cupholders. Why not just clean that out, put it towards a good cause and start fresh? Bonus: the cupholder may need to be wiped down anyways.

For all the ladies out there, use this as the extra push every woman needs to clean her purse out. In the process, take all of the loose change that is inevitably floating around in there and throw it into your baby bottle.

Everyone has a junk drawer, and trust me, I am not asking you to clean it out. However, usually you can find a few quarters that have taken refuge in there.

Spare change loves to live in pockets, and sometimes it falls out when we toss our clothes into the hamper. Take a quick look in all the hampers in your house, you'll probably fine a buck or two in change.

Its no surprise that piggy banks are full of change. Whether you have an old piggy bank or your children hoard their money in one, consider using some or all of the change for the drive. For children, this could be a good opportunity to teach them about giving to those in need.

Although its not the first place that most people would think to look, theres a good chance that your suitcase has some spare change at the bottom of it from the last trip you took.

Often times spare change falls out of our pockets and escapes to the place that the remote always seems to too: in-between the couch cushions. Lift them up and see how much change you can find.

Though its not good for our vacuums, often times they suck up change along with dirt and other things. Check your vacuum bag or filter to see what you can find.

Ever wonder where your socks always disappear to? Well, we can't answer that question, (I don't think anyone can) but we can tell you where some of your change runs off to during the spin cycle. For the washer: check behind the rubber fitting on the door and for the dryer: take a peek in the lint trap.

Remember in school how bonus questions got you extra credit but were always slightly more difficult and required you to go one step above and beyond? Well, this bonus tip is similar. If you're brave enough to venture under the fridge to look for change, kudos to you. We know you'll find some there, but unfortunately, we can't guarantee what else you may find.

We hope this will help you fill your baby bottles with change and maybe even pay the parking meter down the line when you're running low on change. If you find more than your bottle can hold, feel free to bring the extra in a bag or whatever you can find.

Remember, the change collected helps send teen moms to YoungLives Camp, so search high and low for all the quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies you can find. Once you find them, drop them into your baby bottle and return it Sunday, June 19 on the patio following either service. Happy change hunting!


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