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Nine Years in the Making

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

A young 14-year-old sat at a winter camp led by Red Mountain nine years ago. It was his first-ever church camp experience and as he listened to the current Junior High Intern, Gus Rubio, lead the communion service that evening, something in him changed.

Family issues at home had left him searching for community and family in the church. He knew the idea of Christianity and understood its morality, but as he sat surrounded by close friends and just listened, the concept of grace as the foundational component of Christian life overwhelmed him.

He took the elements that night, not just to do it, but because at that moment he had made a conscious decision to be a Jesus follower. Red Mountain had become a place he would turn to for knowledge, wisdom and guidance. It was where he would go to find fellowship and community. It had become his family.

Meet now 23-year-old Ryan Broushet; your new Junior High Pastor at Red Mountain and yes, the 14-year-old from the story above.

When the search began for a new Junior High Pastor, Red Mountain looked for someone who would connect well with students, pour scriptural knowledge into them and have a passion for the work they were doing.

Enter Ryan – The “someone” equipped with the ability to connect, the wisdom and knowledge to teach and above all else, a burning passion to help shape young people, once like him, into Jesus followers.

Ryan may not have known it at the moment, but the experiences he had as a young junior higher at Red Mountain now fuel the fire and desire he has he to serve young students at the very church that served him so well. It is what fueled his desire to serve in student ministries for the past six years, what fueled his desire to intern on staff for the past four and what fuels his desire to take on the role of Junior High Pastor.

He is excited to equip students with the knowledge and wisdom to proclaim the Gospel and to create a place where students can find fellowship, community and family in Student Ministries as well as in the larger church. Red Mountain was an important and essential part of Ryan’s life and he is empowered, impassioned and ready to make Junior High Ministry a place like that for all students who walk through the door.

A recent GCU graduate, Ryan has his BA in Christian Studies and is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in leadership. Ryan loves music, leading worship, hanging with his “bros” and saying “sick-nasty-fresh-dope.” His ability to connect with students is evident, his knowledge of and passion for scripture undeniable and Red Mountain is very lucky to introduce him as the new Junior High Pastor.

Welcome, Ryan. We know that your leadership will aid God in bringing more young 14-year-olds, once like yourself, into His Kingdom.


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