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Investing in the Life of a Child

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

Gordon and Becki West led Red Mountain’s Children’s Ministry from 1998-2002 before working with Red Mountain to launch KidZ at Heart ministry in 2003. Today, KidZ at Heart International is equipping people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture in more than 30 countries and four continents around the world, with a staff of over 20 working from seven states and four countries.

While evidence continues to mount that the most significant time to reach and teach a person about God is during the childhood years, too little is being done to effectively minister to children around the world.

Both in North America and in countries around the world, whether East or West, whether rich or poor, whether urban or rural, KidZ at Heart meet families, Sunday school teachers, and church leaders who love God and His kids. But the needs seem almost universal:

  • Family leaders and church workers long to be taught effective methods for reaching and teaching kids for Christ.
  • People need to be be reminded that they are serving God when they nurture children and that their work will have long-term benefits.

In North America we have supplies, curriculum, and classrooms, but what's the most effective way to reach kids and how do we get volunteers? In other countries, churches and families may have few supplies, no published curriculum and little or no training. Can they effectively teach kids?

Whether resourced or not, dear brothers and sisters are committed to doing the very best ministry they can for the children of their churches and communities. It is KidZ at Heart’s privilege to help equip these people to reach and teach kids for Christ within their own culture.

In the month of May, Red Mountain members have the opportunity to be involved in meeting the tangible needs of the 2.3 billion kids in our world who need to know Jesus.

Gordon and Becki will be here May 15, 2016 and May 22, 2016 to share about their ministry and ways we as a church community can be involved. Visit the co-founders on the patio to learn how you can volunteer from home, join the prayer team or even go on a short-term trip to help train churches and families to evangelize and disciple children using what they have readily available in their own culture.

If you choose to give financially, your gift will go twice as far. Generous KidZ Champions have already set up a fund to match the first $15,000 raised through this campaign and to cover printing expenses meaning 200% of your gift will go directly to the ministry! Your generous response (by May 31) will have a direct impact on children around the world who need to know, love and follow Jesus.

If you miss the Wests, but still want to be involved, you can go online to or call (877) 778-KidZ (5439) for information on giving or volunteering.

There is no better place to invest than into the life of a child, and KidZ at Heart has 2.3 billion of them waiting for you.


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