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Dressed For The Occasion

Posted by Kelly Bettendorf on

We as women can give so much time and attention to how we clothe our bodies physically, but do we take advantage of God’s help to clothe ourselves spiritually? Our upcoming summer study, “The Armor of God,” by Pricilla Shirer reminds us of God’s provision to defeat the enemy when we come to the fray “dressed for the occasion.”

Her statement to me was: “it’s one of the best studies I have ever done.”

I have had the opportunity to facilitate three previous studies of Priscilla’s. I love the way she engages Scripture both on a spiritual level as well as an intellectual one; this is what always keeps me coming back for more. Just this last spring, I had a gal in my Jonah class, also a Pricilla study, tell me that she had just finished “The Armor of God” study before she came to Arizona in December. Her statement to me was “it’s one of the best studies I have ever done.” I was so encouraged that we had made the right decision to offer this study in June. 

Come join us as we learn how to put on the full armor of God and study His word together. See you there!




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