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Being Generous: Give out of your Substance

Posted by Jenny McDonald on

Take 5 minutes and read Luke 21:1-4.

To be generous people, we are encouraged to give out of our substance. We see a great example of this in the story of The Widow's Offering in Luke. As the widow drops two very small copper coins into the temple treasury she is surrounded by rich people giving generous gifts that are far large in comparison to hers.

In perfect "Jesus" fashion, Jesus steps in and flips the situation on its head by bringing us back to what our focus should be on when it comes to giving: our hearts.

He commends the widow for giving sacrificially – out of her poverty and not out of her wealth – and singles her out as an example among others who were only giving out of their abundance. The widow gave "all she had to live on" and for this she was praised.

It should be comforting for us to know that Jesus sees each gift and each giver individually. He isn't asking for all of our money, but he is calling us to be sacrificial and mindful when we give. We should be able to feel these sacrifices and recognize the gifts that we give because in the end, if we don't even realize what we are giving up, is that really giving out of poverty?

This will look different for each of us, but as we seek to give in this manner, just remember that two small coins and a bag full of $100 dollar bills are the same in God's eyes when they are both given out of poverty. God does mighty works through sacrificial hearts.

After all, the example of an outstanding "giver" that Jesus gives us is of a woman who contributed no more than a nickel.

Today, commit to give out of your substance, whatever that may look like for you. Whether it is a new commitment to give to your home church consistently, a one-time gift or even committing to give in the future, Jesus rejoices when we makes such commitments.

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