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Making Spiritual Progress

09.29.15 | Position Papers | by Red Mountain Elder Board

There are many things you should know about spiritual progress. It will eventually involve every nook and cranny of your life. God will leave no area of your life untouched. Spiritual progress will take time, and to a large degree you will determine how much progress you make in any given time period

We must understand that spiritual progress is a process, a lifelong one that is hard to quantify along the way. It cannot necessarily be defined by predictable stages that occur uniformly according to the number of years a person has known Christ. This process of growth toward maturity is referred to in Christian thought as sanctification.

God knew that your spiritual progress would depend on a nurturing process. So He created something that you are a part of. It is a living organism that nurtures your spiritual health. You interact with the rest of that living organism and as you do you promote the spiritual progress of others and they help nurture yours. This living organism is an ingenious invention of God’s. It is the local Church. The local Church is primary in His plan for your spiritual growth and so you must be fully engaged with it.

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