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On Depression

08.17.17 | Marriage & Family | by Bob Fox

Everyone gets the blues. They’re a normal part of being alive emotionally, maybe even a part of being healthy. Depression is different. It drags on. You feel stuck. You become unmotivated. Things that once lifted your spirits do nothing for...


01.13.16 | Marriage & Family | by Red Mountain Elder Board

We believe that God has provided for us a written record of His heart and mind with regard to our experience of human life and existence. While this record does not give us an exhaustive revelation of all we might like to know about God, it is a...

On Divorce

01.13.16 | Marriage & Family | by Red Mountain Elder Board

People who experience marital difficulties need our support and they need to be reminded of things like God’s unwavering love for them, and His unconditional forgiveness of sin. At the same time God has spoken with clarity on the subject of...

Pre-Marital Sex

01.07.16 | Marriage & Family | by Red Mountain Elder Board

The purpose in this paper then, is to summarize clearly and concisely what God has approved in terms of sex between men and women. We are not looking for what people in the Bible did, since Scripture gives a very transparent account of the sins...