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Building Your Devotional Life

09.29.15 | Position Papers | by Red Mountain Elder Board

One of the most significant life investments you can make is to develop and strengthen your own personal devotional life. By building your own personal devotional life I mean intentionally engaging solo in the kinds of activities that strengthen your ability to know and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. You will find that this becomes one of the most fulfilling and meaningful things you have ever pursued. I want to help you begin or begin again to build a personal devotional habit.

Here is what I would suggest as a starting point in your interaction with the Bible. Buy a spiral notebook and a pencil with an eraser—a big one! Begin in the book of Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. It is the first of four consecutive accounts of the life of Jesus. Read until you encounter something that is profound to you. It might be an action, an idea, a single word, or an entire paragraph. Write in your notebook that significant thing you observed, and write specifically what it means to you. Enter the date as well. The length of your entry is insignificant. Just write what adequately expresses your thought. That’s it, you’re done. Do the same thing the next time, picking up where you left off. If your routine falls by the wayside, just pick it up. Don’t grovel or let guilt paralyze you. Just pick it up again. On some occasions you might observe a particular verse or phrase that you write on a card and reflect on later, perhaps when you’re driving or when you have idle time. Such reflection is a very transformational activity that can happen “on the fly.” I would imagine such “on the fly” devotional times explain most individual personal spiritual growth spurts over the centuries. When you have these you are entering into the real goal of the structured devotional time you adhere to.

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