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On Depression

08.17.17 | Position Papers, Marriage & Family | by Bob Fox

Everyone gets the blues. They’re a normal part of being alive emotionally, maybe even a part of being healthy. Depression is different. It drags on. You feel stuck. You become unmotivated. Things that once lifted your spirits do nothing for...


    04.13.16 | From the Pastors | by Bob Fox | by Kyle Fox

    We’ve done a number of series recently that call us up to be a certain kind of people. We don’t want to lose sight of who God is, because in the end all His power is aimed at making us like Him.

      The Longest Sentence

      10.07.15 | From the Pastors | by Bob Fox

      Ever feel like you don’t belong? Me, too! The need to belong is strong in young children. It becomes a powerful hurricane when they enter adolescence. It never really goes away. In the first three chapters of Ephesians God tells us in writing who...