Our worship services are crucial opportunities for us to gather as the body of Christ and faithfully remember, listen, pray and praise together.


In the lyrics to our songs (and in the monthly partaking of communion), we remember together who God is, what he has done and all that means for us. We reorient our hearts to the truth God has revealed to us.


We listen for God to speak to us through the proclamation of his word during the sermon and throughout the entire service.


We talk to God throughout the service in times of prayer and in the lyrics to our songs. We talk to him about our lives, our sin and our needs as well as the needs of others and the world.


We proclaim our gratitude and adoration for God in song as a response to who he is and all that he has done.

A variety of musical instruments and styles are used to help facilitate these practices. On any given Sunday, the music could be led by a full band, a simple piano, guitar, cello setup or anything in-between. We also love to incorporate other art forms such as written prayers, poetic readings and visual art.