Our Mission

Recapturing Life... with God, in Ourselves, with Others

  • with God - by pursuing a deepening relationship with Christ that will govern all other relationships.
  • in Ourselves - by taking hold of a Spirit-led lifestyle, shaped by Scripture and marked by sacrifice.
  • with Others - by committing myself to loving and strengthening his Church among all people.

Recapturing Life Sermons

Recapturing life describes the mission God Himself undertook for us. It describes his vision for us today. It describes the ache of our hearts for ourselves and for those around us. Because we are his people and part of his Church we want to recapture life with God. We want that life to come about in us. We want this great blessing with others. Recapturing life is God's business. We have said yes to his invitation to become his full partners in it. It is the mission of Red Mountain Community Church.

Pastor Bob Fox taught a five-week series on Recapturing Life and wrote the story behind the series.

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