Missionaries We Support

We want to support pastors and ministries that establish and empower churches so even more churches are founded that have the same goal for every tribe, tongue, people, and nation.

Caleb Premanandam | India

Contact information:
Caleb Premanandam
Harvest Ministries
Post Box NO: 2119
Secundrabad - 003 AP, India

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Edgars & Anete Deksnis | Latvia

Contact information:
Anete & Edgars Deksnis
Lidonu 1-1, Riga
Riga LV-1055, Latvia

Support Address:
Josiah Venture
P.O. Box 4317
Wheaton, IL 60189-4317
Account #65004

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Liva Fokrote | Latvia

Contact information:
Evangelical Development Ministry
PO Box 130
Muenster, TX 76252

NOTE: Checks sent to Latvia should be made payable to Baltic Pastoral Institute. Add to the memo section Liva Fokrote. For credit card donations, please call 940-759-5088.

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Jaycee Jensen | Latvia

Contact information:
Jaycee Jensen
Tallinas Iela 35-3
Riga, LV-1012 Latvia
Vonage: 480-626-8694

Support Address:
Bridge Builders International
PO Box 4073
Salem, OR 97302

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Gatis & Linda Jurmalis | Latvia

Contact information:
Gatis & Linda Jurmalis
Stures street 5-40
Riga, LV-1055 Latvia
Account #1065005

Support Address:
Josiah Venture
PO Box 4317
Wheaton, IL 60189-4317

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East Valley YoungLives | Mesa, AZ

Contact information:
Mesa/East Valley YoungLives
Lisa Malmin, Area Coordinator

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Gordon & Becki West | Mesa, AZ

Contact Information:
KidZ At Heart International
PO Box 21148
Mesa, AZ 85277-1148

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Nick Fletcher | Texas

Contact Information:
Nick Fletcher

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NOTE: You can directly support Nick at goten.org. Go to Give > Support a Missionary. Select 5109 -NF from the Choose One drop down menu.

Ramon Valenzuela | Mexico

Contact Information:
Pastor Ramon Valenzuela
PO Box 3564
San Luis, AZ 85349-3564

Anne Laine | Uganda

Contact information:
Anne Laine
PO Box 2307
Kamplala, Uganda

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Micah & Grace Rwothumio | Uganda

Contact Information:
Micah & Grace Rwothumio
University Community Fellowship
PO Box 5970
Kampala, Uganda